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College can be an overwhelming experience...

...but it doesn't have to be. CollegeCrawler is here to be your lighthouse in a rainstorm (or, perhaps more fittingly, your flashlight in a 2 a.m. residence-hall fire alarm). This site was written by students who've been to college, seen everything they could have ever imagined and survived to tell the tale.

From practical advice like how to avoid common mistakes students make on their essays and how to manage your student loans to fun tips like how to throw a legendary theme party and where to travel on Spring Break, CollegeCrawler has the scoop on everything you're dying to know about college.

Whether you're a freshman, a senior or an in-betweener, your college or university experience is only going to be as good as you make it. The information on this site can help ensure that when you look back at your college years down the road, you'll know that they truly were the best years of your life (that is, of course, if you didn't party so hard that you can't remember anything).