Hangover Recovery

Easing the pain of the morning after

We’ve all been there: You pass out after a long night of drinking, knowing that things aren’t going to be fun in the morning. Sure enough, when you wake up, it feels like your school’s marching band is conducting practice in your head. You have a hangover.

The Morning After

The symptoms of most hangovers disappear within 24 hours, but some have been known to last for days. There is no magical cure for hangovers, but you can speed up the recovery process in a few ways:

  • Sleep it off. If you wake up and feel the symptoms of a hangover, get up and pop a multivitamin, drink a large glass of water or fruit juice and then go back to bed. Also, it couldn’t hurt to pray that you feel better when you wake up.
  • Be careful with painkillers. You may have a splitting headache, but that doesn’t mean you should start downing painkillers like candy. Combining acetaminophen (the active drug in Tylenol) with alcohol can be very damaging to your liver. Ibuprofen (Advil) and Aspirin can also be dangerous. Read the labels.
  • Eat something. Liquor causes you to lose nutrients (especially sugars and vitamin B12), so try to eat a healthy breakfast when you wake up. Toast and bananas are great because they are easy for your queasy stomach to digest.
  • Put the booze away. Some people try to fight a hangover by drinking more (the “hair of the dog” technique). While there is evidence to suggest that having a beer in the morning actually does relieve the symptoms of a hangover, the effect is only temporary. All you’re really doing is delaying the inevitable. You may as well get the hangover over with in the morning so you’ll feel refreshed and ready to hit up the club again in the evening.
  • Take a shower. The hot water will help relax your aching muscles.

One More Thing

If you drink on weeknights, you may want to consider buying a tape recorder. Assuming you actually make it to class the next morning, odds are that you won’t be in any shape to take notes (or prevent yourself from disrupting the class with your loud snoring). Tape the lecture so you don’t miss any important information.

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