Bed (too small), bath (wear shoes) and beyond (you don’t want to know)

Despite what your parents may think, college is about a lot more than essays and exams. Considering how infrequently some students attend class, it’s vital that they have a great place to call home. Where you live and who you live with can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your college years.

In this section, we cover all aspects relating to housing, including:

  • Where to live. You have two options: you can live in an on-campus dorm room or in an off-campus apartment. We weigh the pros and cons of each and help you make the choice that's right for you.
  • Dorm life. There's nothing like the experience of living in residence. Until you have actually spent a semester holed up in a cramped, sweaty dorm room, you can't possibly understand what it truly means to be a college student.
  • What to bring to your dorm. Most dorm rooms come stocked with a bed and a desk, but not much more. We have the most comprehensive list you'll find anywhere of things you need to bring with you when you move into your dorm. Some are obvious (you will probably want to bring pants), and some you might overlook (that can opener is going to come in handy some day).
  • Dorm decorating tips. Do you feel like you're trapped in the world's most boring prison cell? We have tips for how you can spice up your dorm room with some cool stuff and make it the hip place to hang out on your floor.
  • Off-campus housing. College students will always hold a special place in their hearts for their time spent living in a dorm, but let's be realistic: we're all thrilled when we get to move out of those hellholes and into a spacious apartment in a nearby neighborhood. That is, until we realize that we have to actually go out into the world and find an apartment, sign a lease and learn how to deal with a pesky landlord.
  • Cleaning. You can't live in filth forever. At some point, you're going to have to tidy up. We outline six easy steps that can transform your apartment from a pigsty into a slightly less disgusting pigsty.
  • Roommates. Though spending a year with the roommate from hell can make for some great stories to tell your grandchildren, it's not always the most fun while you're experiencing it. We outline the best strategies for choosing a compatible roommate, setting ground rules for your apartment and resolving conflict between roommates when "the big fight" inevitably occurs.
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