How to remove the filth with minimal effort

College students lead very busy lives. Considering that it’s sometimes a struggle for some students to find the time to eat and bathe, it’s a small wonder that dorm rooms and off-campus apartments ever get cleaned. Still, you owe it to your roommates and neighbors to clean up your mess every once in a while.

The Quick and Easy College Cleanup

If you have only ten free minutes before you head to class, you can still manage to give your living environment a serious makeover. Follow these six simple steps:

  • Centralize the clutter. Grab all of the paper that’s lying around and put it in one location (a table or countertop will suffice). You don’t need to sort the junk mail from the bills right now, but you need to know where important documents are when you need them.
  • Find your clothes. Go through the house and locate all of your clothing. You don’t have to put all your laundry away, but at the very least you should separate the clean items from your dirty underwear. If you’re a keener, fold some things.
  • Take out the trash. Gather all the garbage in your place and shove it into a bag. Make sure to include all the food that’s been sitting out for more than a day and anything in the fridge that smells or has hair growing on it. Take the garbage bag out to the curb or drop it down the closest garbage shoot.
  • Put the dishes in the sink. Go through all the bedrooms and the living room and collect all the dishes. Put them in the sink, or at least near it. If they have caked-on food, consider soaking them in some soap and water.
  • Make your bed. Yes, you’re only going to mess it up again as soon as you crawl inside the covers, but you’ll be surprised by how much a neatly-made bed improves the appearance of an otherwise messy room.
  • Give the floor a once-over. If you have hardwood, get out the broom (and, if you’re brave, the mop). If it’s carpet, find your vacuum. Focus on getting the dirt and crumbs off the floor. You should always clean the floor last because you will have knocked dirt and dust onto it by doing the steps listed above.
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