Finding an Apartment

Everything you need to know to land the ideal digs

Finding off-campus housing can be quite difficult, depending on what college you attend. Some towns have ample student housing, but in others, there’s fierce competition for the best apartments. Your best bet to find a great place is to start the process as early as possible. Try these tips for finding your dream pad:

  • Ask around. Find out who’s moving out of their apartment and see if you can be next in line to move in. Find out which places have the best reputations. The best apartments may even have a nickname that dates back many years.
  • Check the papers. Buy a local newspaper or pick up a free real estate flyer and have a look at the rentals section to see what’s available.
  • Visit your school’s housing office. Some colleges have a special office devoted to helping students find an apartment. If there’s no office, there might at least be a bulletin board where landlords can post notices. Make full use of this resource. These offices can also be very helpful when you need information for things like dealing with your landlord.
  • Get out and look. Take a walk though the area around your campus and look for “Apartment for Rent” signs.
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