Social Life

Life outside the classroom

Yes, science and engineering students, life does exist outside of the lecture hall and lab (just ask your friends in the humanities -    those jerks only have 15 hours of class per week!). Regardless of how intensive your program is, everyone has some free time. These few hours are vital.

Humans are social beings. We all need to interact with our peers, or we’ll go crazy. That’s why what you do outside of the classroom is just as important to your overall success in college as what you do inside it. Luckily, we’re here for you. The information in this section can help you escape the mind-numbing effect of long hours in the library and make the most of the time you have to dedicate to your social life.

We cover:

  • Identity. There are a lot of people on college campuses, so it’s a good idea to do something to make yourself stand out in a crowd. No, wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants isn’t the best idea. You can come up with something better than that.
  • Making Friends. Everyone needs friends. We outline a few simple strategies that can help you find a good group of pals to stand by your side through thick and thin.
  • Romance. Love is such a mystery. We can help clear up the confusion around hooking up, breaking up and dealing with heartbreak. We also have some tips for how to make a long-distance relationship last.
  • Extracurriculars. Extra means “very” and curriculars means “FUN!” (or something like that). Anyhow, we have all the details about how you can get involved with activities like clubs, sports, student government and volunteering.
  • Greek Life. Do you want to rush this fall? Does the thought of being a pledge get you so excited that you start calling your friends “brah” and “broseph”? Do you even have any idea what we’re talking about here?
  • Nightlife. Bar Scene 101 isn’t a real class, unfortunately. But, if it was, this page would be the course syllabus.
  • Parties. Spice up your shindig with tips from our guide. Make your bash a legendary affair by using one of our suggested themes. You haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Rubik’s cube party.
  • Pranks. If you don’t like putting shaving cream on unsuspecting people, then you’re just a big lame-o. And you also shouldn’t read our guide to practical jokes.
  • Fashion. We all have to wear clothes on a daily basis, so why are so many of us completely clueless when it comes to coordinating colors and styles? Our guide can help you minimize the number of times you hear people say “what the hell are you wearing?!”
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