You can find me in da club … da debate club

This page is all about clubs. No, we’re not talking about the kind of clubs that serve alcohol and play loud music. You can read about those in our guide to nightlife. The clubs we’re talking about here have meetings and minutes and treasurers. Wait! Before you decide that clubs are boring and lame, you should know that they actually have a lot to offer.

Reasons to Sign Up

In terms of staying busy and meeting people, clubs are a good alternative to Greek life. Join a club and you’ll soon see your empty calendar fill up with meetings, trips and other social events -    all with people who share the same interests as you.

Clubs are a great way to make friends with people outside of your program and who don’t live on your floor. You’ll meet people at all stages of their college career, from innocent and idealistic freshmen to wise and weathered seniors. Chances are you’ll end up forming several friendships that will last well beyond graduation.

What Kinds of Clubs Exist?

Most colleges have clubs centered on the following interests:

  • Social awareness
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Choir
  • Campus radio
  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Dancing
  • Improv comedy
  • Sexual orientation

There are also thousands of niche clubs, some of which are highly ridiculous (The Society of Super Mario 2 Enthusiasts?!). If your school doesn’t have a club based on your hobby, quit whining and start one.

Before You Join

There’s more to being in a club than just writing your name on a signup sheet. It’s not unusual for excited freshmen to join 10 clubs at the start of the school year and then never go to any meetings. Before you enlist, think about these questions:

  • Do their meetings conflict with your school schedule?
  • Will you actually commit to going to the meetings?
  • Will you get involved beyond just going to meetings?
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