P-A-R-T-Why? Because we gotta

Great parties are a paradox. They are both the most memorable and (if you drank enough) unmemorable times of your time as a college student. Unlike in high school, the main attraction of college parties isn’t pizza, video games and, if you’re lucky, a bottle of scotch that your friend stole from his dad’s liquor cabinet. Instead, they are known to involve pits of pudding, topless girls and throwing up all over yourself (two out of three isn’t bad).

You’ll go to a bunch of parties during your time in college, the best of which will probably be thrown by fraternities (they pride themselves on their ability to consistently throw legendary bashes). Enjoy these times, because things are definitely not the same once you graduate and get a job (believe it or not, but your boss probably won’t be cool with holding you up for a keg stand to celebrate handing in your quarterly report on time).

Party Themes

A memo to all college students: “kegger” is not a legitimate party theme. It’s definitely acceptable to incorporate a keg into your party (we don’t think anyone will argue with that), but things will be a lot more fun if you get off your butt and come up with a real theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Wine and cheese. A sophisticated classic. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and an unusual kind of cheese.
  • Togas. Another classic. Popularized in the film Animal House.
  • Black and white. Dress in black or white formalwear (think suits and black cocktail dresses). Or, if you’re a broke student, one of those tuxedo T-shirts.
  • I see London, I see France. This one’s pretty straightforward. No pants or shirts allowed; underwear only.
  • Anything but clothes. You can be as covered as you want, but it can’t be with clothes. Garbage bags can be used by people who don’t like showing too much skin.
  • Ugly sweaters. Everyone wears the tackiest sweater they can find (the kind Grandma used to knit you for Christmas). This works especially well if you include a Christmas theme.
  • I Love the __s. Pick a decade and base your party around it. The ’80s and ’90s are particularly popular because most college students have fond childhood memories from these decades. This party is the perfect excuse to dress up as Alf, eat Fruit by the Foot and get jiggy to Salt-N-Pepa. So, push it (and, if you’re so inclined, push it real good).
  • Easy as ABC. Pick a letter of the alphabet. Everyone comes dressed as something starting with that letter. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks in a year, so you can go through the entire alphabet twice if you party every weekend.
  • Graffiti. Everyone wears a plain white T-shirt, and you pass out colored pens and markers. People can write whatever they want on you (including, if you’re lucky, their phone number).
  • Rubik’s cube. Everyone wears many different solid-colored items of clothing, like a scrambled Rubik’s cube (blue, yellow, red, green, orange and white). By the time you go home, you can only be wearing one color of clothing.
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