Is dating outdated?

It seems as if casual dating is dying off. Today’s students consider going out for dinner and a movie to be a sign of serious commitment. The closest thing to a date that most students experience is sitting in a dorm room sharing dining-hall food and watching a DVD. Long-term relationships are far from students’ minds. Most seem to be more interested in being free to experiment and hook up with anyone.

Because of this, the power of the date has increased exponentially. Guys (and girls – it’s the 21st Century now, so this works both ways), if you want to impress a cute girl, you don’t have to buy her flowers and chocolates or serenade her with a song. All you have to do is take a page out of your dad’s playbook: ask her out on a date. Because so few guys are willing to take a girl out to dinner and a movie, the ones that do it look like Prince Charming. Over dinner, make sure to ask her a bunch of questions about her interests and listen to her answers (or at least make it look like you’re listening).

Getting a Date

Do you wish that you could ask someone out or be asked out? These strategies can help you light a fire in your love life:

  • Make yourself available. Hanging out in your dorm all day playing Xbox or watching Sex and the City won’t help you meet people. Make sure others know that you’re single and looking.
  • Be yourself. If you find that you’re trying to fit into a particular mold to impress someone, you’re making a mistake.
  • Take a risk. If you like someone, talk to them about it. Maybe you’ll make a love connection and maybe you won’t. One thing’s for sure, though: you’ll never know if you don’t try.
  • Have some standards. For the sake of your reputation, don’t let it be known that you’ll have sex with anyone at any time. Seriously, take the sign off your dorm room door.

Rejecting Someone

Sometimes, you’ll be asked out by someone that you’re just not attracted to. This can be an awkward situation, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these four guidelines and you’ll be turning down dates like a pro:

  • Be polite and blunt. You’ll be less likely to hurt the person’s feeling if you make it very clear that you have no interest in pursuing a relationship with him or her. Getting rejected sucks, but at least it allows you to move on.
  • Don’t make excuses. Saying something like “maybe if I was…” will give the false impression that there is a possibility of a relationship. Don’t leave the door open at all, or the person may continue to pursue you (and no one wants a stalker).
  • Don’t sugar-coat it. Tell the truth. Don’t suggest that you want to be friends if you would actually prefer to have no relationship at all.
  • Be prepared for drama. The rejected person may not take the news well. He or she could become angry or desperate. Just walk away if this happens.
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