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The top 10 places to party this spring

Searching for the ideal place to spend your Spring Break ? Did last year’s trip suck because you let your roommate book it and you ended up in the Persian Gulf instead of the Gulf of Mexico? Don’t make the same mistake again.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 Spring Break hot spots:

10. Daytona Beach, Florida

Formerly synonymous with Spring Break , this traditional hot spot has taken a bit of a hit in recent years as many students have moved on to other places. Still, for those wishing to revel in the history of thousands of legendary parties, this is the place to be.

9. The Dominican Republic

For students on a budget (or those who put off booking a Spring Break trip until the last possible minute), this is a cheap alternative that’s gaining popularity.

8. Banff, Alberta

If you prefer snow to sand, there’s no better place to get your fix than in the heart of Canada. This Rocky Mountain retreat knows how to party.

7. New York City, New York

Sure, the beaches aren’t the same as down South, there’s no guarantee it won’t snow on you and it’s hard to get into bars if you aren’t 21, but how many other chances are you going to get to visit the Big Apple while you’re still young?

6. Miami Beach, Florida

Hollywood actors, models and rock bands are among those who love the upscale nightlife South Beach has to offer. Fort Lauderdale is close by and is more affordable for starving students.

5. Key West, Florida

This is the city where Spring Break never ends. If you want to get as close to the equator as you can without leaving the United States, Key West is the place for you.

4. Mazatlán, Mexico

If you’re a student on the West Coast looking to take in a little Mexican flavor, set your sites on the “Pearl of the Pacific.” In the past three decades, it’s had rain fewer than 10 times in March!

3. South Padre Island, Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Spring Break party. If you ever get tired of lounging on South Padre’s 34 miles of beach (yeah, right) and partying in bars like Club Rio Beach (the foam parties and waterslide are the main attraction), you can visit one of the nation’s best zoos or make the 35-minute trek down to Mexico for some salsa dancing.

2. Panama City, Florida

This is the Spring Break vacation your mom doesn’t want you to take. A lot of beer and not a lot of clothing are hallmarks. Big-name companies set up shop and hook students up with a lot of swag (and has there ever been a college student who didn’t love free stuff?). Book early, because over half a million students descend on Panama City’s 18,000 hotel rooms every spring.

1. Cancun, Mexico

The low drinking age and favorable exchange rate are just two of the many reasons why Cancun is the place to be on Spring Break. The unbelievable beach is nice, too. Clubs like Señor Frog’s, Pat O’Brien’s and La Boom are legendary. If you’re not ready to stop partying when the clubs close, you can always go back to your hotel. Most hotel bars are open until 4 a.m. The ones that aren’t are open 24/7.

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